The Document Exchange Association is a not-for-profit Industry Association. It has four current members, namely ABSA Bank Ltd, Nedbank Ltd, Standard Bank Ltd and African Bank Ltd. Membership is open to any bank as defined in the Banks Act, who meets the requirements and who applies. There are several banks considering joining the DEA at this time. Registered credit providers who are not banks may also apply to join the DEA as Users.

The purpose of the DEA is to provide bank statements from a customer’s transactional bank (the disclosing bank) to a credit provider where the customer is applying for credit, strictly with the customer's consent. The bank statements are provided in near real time (< 60 seconds), in a pdf format. The transmission is encrypted and secured so that there can be no tampering with the data.

The immediate benefit is the prevention of the presentation of forged bank statements to support fraudulent credit applications. Identity theft is also mitigated to an extent.

The customer benefits in that they are no longer required to obtain paper bank statements, and have them certified by their bank. This saves them money as well as time and effort.

Bank branches will also benefit from a reduction in work load.

Confidentiality is improved in that the statement is sent directly to the person doing the credit scoring, and who needs the information, and the statement is not left lying around in the credit provider’s offices.