About the DEA

The Document Exchange Association is a not-for-profit Financial Services Industry Association.


The primary purpose of the Association is to process the secure exchange of applicants’ bank data between Member Banks and Users, for purposes of assessing credit in a manner that mitigates the risk of fraud and criminal behaviour in the banking and financial services industry.

The aim, objectives and vision of the DEA are to:

  • advance and protect the rights and interests of Member Banks
  • promote communication, interaction and unanimity between Member Banks
  • strive for the fulfilment of every Member Bank’s right to enjoy the full benefits of their Membership by fostering the equitable and efficient use of institutional resources. 

Member Banks

The DEA has five current Members, namely ABSA Bank, African Bank, Discovery Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank. Applying for membership is open to any registered Bank as defined by the Banks Act.

Finanical Services and Credit Provider organisations may also apply to participate on the DEA platform. These organisations are referred to as Users.


Comcorp is the DEA’s technical and software partner.

Comcorp has developed a series of proprietary software solutions for the financial services sector,  including biometric facial and liveness detection, income verification and the supply of key client data from a trusted golden source, to ensure a seamless and simplified customer onboarding process.