Joining the DEA

Organisations may participate with the DEA under one of the three categories listed below.

Member Bank

A banking organisation that discloses statements as well as requests.


Financial Services requestor of statements.

Sponsored User

A requesting organisation whose shareholding consists of a DEA Member.

High level Process

  • Interested parties are required to sign an NDA.
  • After reviewing the relevant integration documents, DEA rules and agreements, the interested party will then submit a Letter of Intent to the DEA.
  • Thereafter, the interested party will undergo a due diligence process where upon approval will be required to sign an agreement with the DEA before technical work commences.
  • The technical and integration work can then commence once required funds have been paid by the interested party.
  • Standalone Portal: For organisations who are unable to immediately integrate to the DEA. This allows them to benefit from the service until such time they are able to integrate and pull statements directly into their front-end systems.